Key West Sailing Charters

Sailors must determine if they want to hire a crew or take advantage of a bareboat charter. 

Chartering a Catamaran for Your Next Vacation

Did you know a catamaran charter is very popular with experienced sailors and those who are new to this activity also? Why are they so popular? What should one consider when chartering a boat of this type?

What is a Catamaran?

This type of boat features multi-hulls and offers a stable ride, one that is also comfortable. Individuals may pilot the boat themselves or leave the work to the crew that they bring on board. Regardless of which option is selected, every person on the vessel has an enjoyable ride, one that offers them a feeling of freedom out on the open water. Thanks to the amenities found on this type of boat, all will feel as if they are traveling on a luxury yacht also.

What are the Benefits of Chartering a Catamaran?

One reason many people opt to charter a catamaran as opposed to the other sailboat charter florida options is the flybridge offers amazing views. Furthermore, the wide sundecks allow those who wish to sunbathe a better opportunity to do so, and there are few stairs to navigate. Thanks to the multiple hulls, the ride is very stable, reducing the risk of nausea for those who tend to get seasick, and everyone has plenty of space when they wish to rest. Furthermore, this type of boat is easy to navigate and can get close to the beach as it is ideal for shallow water.


Hire a Crew or Go Bareboat?

Sailors must determine if they want to hire a crew or take advantage of a bareboat charter. Those who want to relax and simply enjoy their time on the water typically opt for the first option. However, those who want the experience of piloting a boat of this type prefer going bareboat. Obviously, those who choose the second option will need to have some experience with this type of boat to ensure the trip goes as planned. Most key west sailing charters will require proof of this experience before allowing a person to take advantage of the bareboat option.

Consider a catamaran for your next vacation. Those who do so find many things to love about traveling this way, such as the freedom to unpack and visit multiple destinations without having to repack the bags at each stop. Fewer crowds are another benefit of a sailing charter and there are many more. Be sure to research this option when planning your next trip. You may discover you don't want to use other travel methods ever again.